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Grad Fundraiser Support Opportunity

Calling all Grad Grand/Parents, Aunts and Uncles or that one really generous second cousin who loves to bake. The Eagle’s Nest Concession is running full swing in the high school, and as part of Phase 2 of our grad fundraising, we could use your help!

If you love to bake but hate having it sit around your house – send it our way! Please individually wrap it up and keep it nut free. It can be dropped off at the Main Office or make arrangements with Kyla Bailie (email below).

But do you despise baking or just don’t have the time for it? We have a list of items that are best-sellers and can be snagged at Costco on your shopping trips. Miss Vickie’s or Sun Chips (individual), Pizza Pops or Chimichangas, Trident Gum packs, beverages like Ice Sparkling Water, Vitamin Water, Bubly, or Zevia. This support means 100% of income is profit for the grad class!

Contact Kyla via text at 250-614-3186 or email at with any questions.