Core French Exemption: Parent Consent Form
1Exemption Policy
2Parental Consent
French Exemption Policy

At Cedars, students are generally enrolled in Core French from Grade 4 to 9. Educational Support Service Coordinators grant exemptions for students with special needs in consultation with classroom teachers and parents/caregivers. Parent/Caregiver exemption consent is granted at the beginning of each school year and filed in the main office. Parents/Caregivers may appeal the school decision to exempt (or not) their child in writing to the Educational Support Services Director or school Principal.

According to Ministry of Education and Child Care policy,

“All students must take a second language as part of the curriculum in Grades 5 to 8, except in the following two situations:

-- A student has been identified as having special needs* or is receiving English Language Learner (ELL) services and is unable to demonstrate learning in relation to the expected learning outcomes of the second language course.

-- A student is enrolled in late French Immersion in Grade 6.”

*Note: A “student with special needs” means a student who: (a) has a disability of an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional or behavioural nature, (b) has a learning disability or (c) has exceptional gifts or talents.