Four Questions with Kenton Friesen: A Growing Together Building Expansion Update

This week our Principal, Shane Nelson, sat down with Building Committee member Kenton Friesen to discuss where we are at with our building project. Listen in on the whole conversation or scroll forward to the question that interests you most:

Video Link

Why all the work on the cul de sac? What does this do for us? (0:00-1:58)
What’s happening on the building now? I see tarps… (1:58-3:25)
Peter Block wrote a book called, “The Answer to How is Yes: Acting on What Matters”. He suggests that we swap out the question “How long will it take?” with “What commitment am I willing to make?” How is this swap important for us at this juncture of our building expansion project? (3:25-7:14)
What do we need right now? How can we pray? (7:14-9:31)

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