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March 13, 2024: Applications are now closed for the 24/25 school year with the exception of Kindergarten and Grade 8.

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Feeding Futures: Increasing Access to Healthy Food

Last year, we were able to reduce the challenges of rising food and transportation costs through the government’s Student and Family Affordability Fund. A new initiative called Feeding Futures is being implemented this year by the Ministry of Education and Child Care to address food insecurity and increase access to healthy meals and snacks for all children at school in a non-stigmatizing manner. 

Cedars will be initiating three approaches with the funds allocated by the Ministry this Fall:

  1. Grab-and-Go Breakfast Snacks. Between 8:15-8:30am, we will set out healthy breakfast snacks for high school students to grab for consumption before, during, or after school. At 8:45am, elementary classroom “runners” will come pick up a basket of food to be offered ahead of recess break. The Goal: To ensure every student starts the day with nutritious food that promotes learner readiness.
  2. Hot Lunch Access. With every hot lunch order form, we will provide an opportunity for families to order a free hot lunch for their children. We hope to increase our hot lunch offerings to 3x/month in the new year. The GoalTo provide a nutritious hot lunch for students whose families may not otherwise be able to afford to do so, in a stigma-free manner.
  3. Grocery Gift Cards. For families in our community that are experiencing food insecurity, we will provide gift cards for local groceries. The Goal: To put financial resources in the hands of parents/caregivers to help them put nutritious food on the table and in lunches each day.

If you, or a family you know, are experiencing food insecurity or financial hardship, and you would like to access one or more of the programs outlined above, please take some time to fill out the survey below. The information shared in this survey is kept confidential and used only to support local, administrative decisions regarding the allocation of Feeding Future funds.

If you have questions about Feeding Futures or are interested in volunteering with our Grab-and-Go or Hot Lunch program, please reach out to our Principal, Shane Nelson.