Some people have asked how I choose my blog titles, so for those who are curious last year was a LOTR/Hobbit kind of theme. This trip to Honduras has been a bit of a whirlwind so far, so I haven’t had time to think about this year’s theme so I’m defaulting to movie franchise that has the same number of sequels as the number of pairs of socks I brought to Honduras. However, this title rings true for the first couple of days of our trip.

We hit the ground running in PG as everyone got checked in and processed by security. We got to our gate for the second boarding call and once on board waited for the plane to be de-iced. This put us 20 minutes behind which caused some stress as we had to catch our connection to Calgary in Vancity. Fortunately, the plane headed to Calgary was about 20 min. behind, so we were relieved to arrive with some time to spare. Our relief was short lived as we realized that this was going to create a time crunch in Calgary to catch our flight to Houston. We arrived in Calgary with only 90 min. to get 21 of us off the plane, pick up our luggage, check in with United Airlines, fill out the customs forms, get through security (which involved removing more articles of clothing then what I think is necessary), find something to eat and arrive at our gate.

In the midst of our hurry, our team remained extremely calm while pounding back Whoppers and slurping soda (that’s what they call pop in ‘Merica) just before boarding…some of us took Gravol for dessert as not to risk tasting our lunch twice.

We landed in Houston without a problem and waited for our shuttle to take us to our hotel. 5 extra-large pizzas later we called it a night and climbed into bed. Alarms went off at 5am (well almost everyone’s…Mrs. Young and her room thought they could get up a 6 to catch the 6am shuttle…oh Mrs. Young) and we got ready to head to the airport.
We took off for Honduras without a hitch (check @teamjerico2015 on Instagram for pictures) and arrived in Tegucigalpa to the warm embrace of our Honduran friends. We piled into the new vans that Villa had just purchased and headed to Pollo Tropical for our traditional welcome lunch. After eating more chicken and fried Yucca than we probably should have we packed up and headed to the Villa. We ended the night with games, introductions and worship and then climbed into bed.

We woke up in the morning with the realization that Honduras actually gets cold at night…especially if your using a washcloth for a blanket (ask Ryan for more details), ate an awesome breakfast…without beans if you were wondering and got down to work. We dug a hole which will be eventually filled with the Pila, fixed the pathway stairs from our previous group, built a new path, painted a room and built a rock wall enclosure for a fire pit…not bad for our first day’s work.

We finished the day with some volleyball, soccer, supper and the nightly ritual of worship and testimonies. It was awesome to hear the stories of the Villa kids but also to hear three of our own students share! We have made fast friends with the new kids and have caught up quickly with our older ones. God has been good. We have been blessed and have already been able to bless the community here in Honduras. Thanks for praying. Everyone says hi!