Today we took a break from the manual labour to help out with a retreat. The high school for Jerico school will be closing down after this year and so it was neat to have the final class out to the Villa for their last “back to school” retreat. The retreat revolved around the theme of identity and how a proper understanding of our identity leads to health and purity in the other aspects of our lives. Our students created a drama (which we may perform some time for you) and helped out with worship. I was amazed when I looked up and heard Mariah leading a song in Spanish! Unbelievable! Rebecca has also really found her niche playing the violin for worship. It’s awesome seeing her express her worship this way. It has been a blessing to the students at the Villa. A couple of the girls commented on how, as Rebecca played, they could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit with them.

After the retreat we were able to relax and rest from our toil. We will be getting back at it tomorrow as the contractor will be here to help with the Pila construction. We decided we are going to pour some concrete on the steps we made at the beginning of our trip to give them greater longevity. The last thing we will be doing tomorrow is raking up the grass and pulling weeds to both clean up the property put also clear the ground to build another path near the apartments.

Yesterday we leveled some ground and cleaned up around the Villa and painted some rooms before we started prepping in the afternoon for the retreat. Brooke has been an amazing painting foreman getting everything organized and making sure to control the quality (and Caroline who likes to paint people as well as the walls :).

Tuesday we finished off the projects from day 1 and were able to take a break (since the projects have only taken us half the projected time) in the afternoon to catch a soccer game down at the “Pulperia” sipping cokes on the outdoor patio. After watching the game we had our annual Honduras vs. Canada soccer game back at the Villa. We were only down 2-0 when Noe and Emmanuel took out honorary Canadian citizenship to help eventually take a 7-6 lead. Our joy was short lived when Julio was subbed in, after returning from school, to lead the home side to an 11-8 victory. Hey at least we scored this year!
The trip has been going fast. God has been at work in the lives of our students as they are finding freedom in worship and sharing their stories. They will have lots to tell on our return. Thanks for praying. We all say “Hola.”