We are so grateful to our Father in heaven for His answers to prayer! The team Cedars-Jerico 2k16 started out small with Mrs.Young, Mrs. Rempel and eight students. Today, we are blessed to add Lara Zral, Mr. Romeyn and Mr. Mendez to our team that is heading down to Jericho Ministries this March!

We started out talking about a possibility of making a play area for the kids at the villa. They have been praying for swings for a long time (some of the kids have lived there for over nine years!). However, building swings in reality seemed a little difficult for a group of high school students – so, we prayed.

Mr. James Wankel, who has made playgrounds in Haiti, heard the news and stepped up with not only a generous donation, but also a plan to go ahead of the team to do the designing, purchasing, and welding of a beautiful playground worthy of princes and princesses! Mr. Wankel and Mr. Friesen (both Cedars parents) will be heading down before the team to do the preparations for us. Thank you two so much!!

Another obstacle that we have faced is the dropping dollar and the higher fixed costs of having a smaller team. We tried to negotiate our plane tickets to no avail, but are continuing faithfully to fundraise, trusting that God will provide.

And He has! We recently had another successful bottle drive from which we collected $621.00! It was generously matched by the Nechako Bottle Depot, raising $1,242.00 towards our trip! We are still working at other ideas to raise funds for our team mission, including running the concession at Family Fun Day (Feb 13), a school-wide coin drive, and a Honduran dinner and auction in March.

This year’s Jericho project is by far our biggest ever, and quite frankly seemed like we bit off more than we could chew, but God has stepped in and continues to provide for our needs through the Cedars community. We feel blessed to be a part of this great school, and this year’s team is officially “The Little Team that Could”!

Please continue to pray for our team as we spend Friday mornings preparing for the journey by learning about cultural differences, Spanish, praying and worshipping together, preparing skits and games for the kids, as well as collaborating for fundraising and building team unity.

If you haven’t seen the videos of last year’s trip and an interivew with Betsy Hake of Jericho Ministries, check them out on our School Missions page!

We are hoping to have some donations of the following things for the children in Honduras:

  • underwear of all sizes, boys and girls, no characters
  • deodorant for girls and guys
  • chocolate chips
  • new clothing
  • school supplies
  • stickers
  • crafting supplies
  • baking/cooking utensils

Donations can be dropped off at the Main Office. Thank you for blessing the children of Jericho Ministries!