Educating and equipping discerning disciples of Jesus Christ for restorative work in His kingdom


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Cedars’ elementary students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and insights for responsible citizenship in BC and, more importantly, in the Kingdom of Christ.

Primary (Gr. K-3)

The primary years are important in forming basic attitudes about school and developing basic skills in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. The primary program at Cedars seeks to develop the whole child: spiritually, academically, physically, aesthetically, and socially in keeping with the school’s vision statement and the Ministry of Education guidelines.

Since Kindergarten is such a foundational year for any child’s school career, we have dedicated a special Kindergarten page to the Cedars’ program. What is said about the primary program on this page will also apply to our kindergarten students.

Intermediate (Gr. 4-7)

The intermediate years add to the foundation laid in the primary program, the self-discipline and skills needed to function independently in junior and senior high school. These are also character-building years and frequently the time of developing a meaningful personal relationship with Jesus Christ. These years have great bearing on how students perform in high school and how well they hold up under the pressures of teenage life.

The Program

6) In Addition

In addition to the Core Curriculum, the Elementary Program offers:

  • French as a second language (Gr. 5-7)
  • Music
  • Library
  • Computers
  • Art

5) Physical Education

Each Primary class receives three periods of PE each week to develop their physical well-being and basic skills needed for team sports in the Intermediate Program. In the Intermediate years, students participate more extensively in sports activities such as intermurals, volleyball, and basketball with the local Public School District #57.

4) Social Studies and Science

The “Explorations Series” is used to cover topics about Community, Neighbourhoods, Community Helpers, Exploring Canada and BC’s Past. The Christian Schools International Science Program is used from Grades 1–6.

3) Math

At the primary level, math manipulatives are used to teach the different concepts. The Math Quest Program is used from Grades 1–3 and The Journeys Math Program is used for Grades 4–6. Computers are also used to reinforce basic facts.

2) Language Arts

The Language Arts curriculum is taught within themes much of the time at the primary grades. The Language Arts Program is covers basal reading, spelling, phonics, and writing. Teachers use a variety of teaching approaches such as Whole Language and Phonics.

1) Bible and Chapel

Bible is taught as a specific area of study along with being integrated into the whole curriculum. The Bible is taught as the source of all true knowledge and wisdom.  Weekly chapel services are held where students worship together in word and song.

Educational Support

The Learning Assistance Program at Cedars is designed to work together with teachers, coming alongside students who need additional support, with the aim of helping them find success in school.

In Elementary school, students are regularly assessed by classroom teachers to monitor their academic progress. When it is apparent that a student is experiencing difficulties, and regular supports and differentiated instruction from a classroom teacher have not been enough to address the needs of the student, a student will be referred for Learning Assistance. Parents will be notified when it is apparent that a student is struggling academically, and will be involved and aware of the referral process.

This assistance may be provided in-class or in the Learning Assistance Centre.

We also meet as a School Based Resource Team (SBRT) to provide support and recommendations for the classroom teachers. The SBRT may include: Learning Assistance teacher, Speech and Language Pathologist, School Psychologist, Classroom Teacher, Learning Support Coordinator, Principal and Vice-Principal. Students receiving Learning Support will have a Learning Support Plan to help the teachers with implementing ways to assist that child in the classroom.

For further details, see our Educational Support Services page.

After School Care

Our After School Care Program operates on regular school days from September to June for elementary-aged students. Children may stay in care up until 6:00pm. Activities such as crafts, gym time, outside play time (weather permitting), and cooking are included on a regular basis.

Registration is required for this program. Drop-in options may also be possible if you do not need the service every day. Space is limited and all applications are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Forms are available for download on our Forms page. If you have questions or would like some more information, you may contact our after school care coordinator at


Mrs. Andrea Glasgow

Grade 1 Teacher

Mrs. Sherry Toninato

Grade 4 Teacher

Mrs. Marli Holmes

Grade 7 Teacher

Mrs. Heather Wilson

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Joanne Peltier

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Sharon Van Delft

Grade 2 Teacher

Mr. Jeff Ludditt

Grade 5 Teacher

Mrs. Carolyn Tiefensee

Learning Assistance Coordinator

Mrs. Tanya Simmonds

Educational Assistant

Mr. Nolan Hanson

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Heather Fisher

Grade 3 Teacher

Mrs. Sue Reimer

Grade 6 Teacher

Mrs. Carolyn Missiuna

Learning Assistance EA

Miss Jennifer Krawczyk

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Kim Gialleonardo

Educational Assistant

Mr. Winston Price

Grade 4 Teacher

Mr. Matthew Ceaser

Grade 6/7 Teacher

Mrs. Heather Godwin

Educational Assistant

Miss Jewell Wilson

Educational Assistant

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