The primary years are important in forming basic attitudes about school and developing basic skills in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. The primary program at Cedars seeks to develop the whole child: spiritually, academically, physically, aesthetically, and socially in keeping with the school’s vision statement and the Ministry of Education guidelines.

The intermediate years add to the foundation laid in the primary program, the self-discipline and skills needed to function independently in junior and senior high school. These are also character-building years and frequently the time of developing a meaningful personal relationship with Jesus Christ. These years have great bearing on how students perform in high school and how well they hold up under the pressures of teenage life.

Please scroll through the slideshow below for detailed information on the different aspects of our elementary program.

Program Information

  • Bible and Chapel

    Bible is taught as a specific area of study along with being integrated into the whole curriculum. The Bible is taught as the source of all true knowledge and wisdom. For ease of instruction and uniformity in memorizing Bible verses, Cedars has adopted the New International Version of the Bible as its official version, but because of personal preferences, some parents request that their children use the King James Version. Weekly chapel services are held where students worship together in word and song.

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  • Language Arts

    The Language Arts curriculum is taught within themes much of the time at the primary grades. The Language Arts Program is covers basal reading, spelling, phonics, and writing. Teachers use a variety of teaching approaches such as Whole Language and Phonics.

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  • Math

    At the primary level, math manipulatives are used to teach the different concepts. The Math Quest Program is used from Grades 1–3 and The Journeys Math Program is used for Grades 4–6. Computers are also used to reinforce basic facts.

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  • Social Studies and Science

    The “Explorations Series” is used to cover topics about Community, Neighbourhoods, Community Helpers, Exploring Canada and BC’s Past. The Christian Schools International Science Program is used from Grades 1–6.

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  • Physical Education

    Each Primary class receives three periods of PE each week to develop their physical well-being and basic skills needed for team sports in the Intermediate Program. In the Intermediate years, students participate more extensively in sports activities such as intermurals, volleyball, and basketball with the local Public School District #57.

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  • Learning Assistance

    Students who have learning disabilities or delayed language development are supported by a Learning Assistance Program. Individual Educational Plans are developed for each child in consultation with the classroom teacher. Psychological testing is occasionally carried out with a shared cost between the parents and the school.

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In addition to the Core Curriculum, the Elementary Program offers:
  • French as a second language
  • Music
  • Library
  • Computers
  • Art
At Cedars, students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and insights for responsible citizenship in BC and, more importantly, in the Kingdom of Christ

Counseling/Speech Therapy/Teaching Staff

Some personal counseling is provided for those students who are in need. We have a private contract arrangement with a qualified Speech Language Pathologist. Services provided are assessments and therapy. The school and the parents share in the cost. The staff are all committed Christians dedicated to delivery a Christ-centered curriculum. They are all certified by the BC College of Teachers or the Independent Schools Branch of the Ministry of Education.