This year, we will be staggering Primary (K-3) and Intermediate (4-7) lunch hours. Recess times for K-7 will continue to be from 10:15-10:30am.  Our building expansion project will require us to close access to the outdoor play area (basketball hoops) and field across our driveway at some point this year. Staggered lunch times will allow more play space for children on our playground and other play spaces around our building. This summer we completed the construction of a “Ga-Ga Pit” (also called Octoball), and we will be moving four of the basketball hoops to new locations behind the school gym. We hope that these new play spaces will serve our students in during the construction of our new facilities.

Primary Lunch will be from 11:30am-12:15pm. An additional (informal) recess time will be added in the afternoon, given the earlier lunch.

Intermediate Lunch will continue to be from 12-12:45pm.