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Elementary Class Compositions 22/23

We have processed re-registration of current families and new applications for the 2022/23 school year and have set the following class composition and teacher assignments for our K-7 program. We are pleased to welcome over 32 new Kindergarten students and over 20 new families to Cedars Christian School in the Fall! Our total projected K-12 enrolment will be over 380 students. Thank you for sharing good news about this place in our community!

Class list discussions will take place in early June. Please forward any considerations to our Principal, Shane Nelson in writing. And, finally, please continue to pray for the Lord to provide for our Primary teacher staffing need!

K – Josh Gagnon
K – Lindsay Ray, Kayla Schmalz
1 – Andrea Glasgow
1/2 – __
2/3 – Sharon Van Delft
3 – Heather Fisher
4 – Winston Price
5 – Sherry Toninato
5/6 – Jeff Ludditt
6/7 – Matthew Ceaser
7 – Sue Reimer