At our Society meeting in November, it was mentioned that the Board and Cedars leadership team had applied to the Pattison Foundation for financial support to our project. The Foundation has advised us that they will not be able to provide support at this time. The Foundation was very gracious to us through the application process and in agreeing to bring the application forward to their December board meeting, and we are grateful for the opportunity despite being disappointed in the outcome.

Many thanks to Shane Nelson and Dave Rowland, as well as to Jason Oliver and David Claus, for the hours they spent putting the proposal together. The Foundation continues to express interest in Cedars and hopes that they can help us with a project in the future.

The process of putting the proposal together has provided the Board and leadership team a clearer picture of where we are and where we need to go. The Board is immensely grateful for the support this fall through individual donations and fundraising efforts initiated by community members.

We are grateful for God’s faithfulness and pray for his blessing on our Cedars family this Christmas season.

Karla Eby, on behalf of the Cedars Board