It’s our last full day in Honduras! Its crazy how quickly this trip has flown by! Today we woke up to a nice breezy morning. Sarah and Jaelynn lead our devotions this morning about a God that never lets go.

Then we had a scrumptious breakfast that included eggs, toast, and fruit salad. Betsy and the girls surprised us with Pumpkin Spice lattes that tasted better than Starbucks!

After breakfast we all got ready and we went on a hike around the Jericho property.  This included stopping at a bat cave!  Esquina, aka Konnor, tried to be brave and went in as far as he could. A little-bitty baby bat flew in his face and he ran out of the cave screaming like a little girl.  Tio Fofo had an accident with the chili and made a super spicy lunch, which didn’t agree with Esquina’s tummy.

In the afternoon, the Mendez family came to visit. Jonathan and Daniel hadn’t seen their buddies at the Villa before today.  After a cheery reunion, we organized into groups and made the terracotta “empty tomb” crafts to give away to others (check out the pics).  We had six groups and a lot of fun getting dirty with the planting process.

As we write this blog, the rest of our group headed off to Danli to evangelize. Preparations for tonight are underway. We are having a Passover dinner with formal attire. So…we are off to shower and do our hair. Looks like another thunder shower tonight.

Tomorrow we leave for the airport at 7am.

God bless you all.

Hasta luego!!!

Tianna, Konnor, and Ashley