Following our (not-so) harrowing experience at the coffee plantation, we had planned on going to a tourist-y souvenir district, but decided to head to an air conditioned mall for some clean bathrooms and reprieve from the day’s heat. Also meant less driving. It was both disturbing and comforting to be in a mall again – seeing the advertising, the show of material “stuff”…but also feeling comfortable in the presence of a food court displaying the familiar names of Pizza Hut and Little Caesars. There were some young ladies very happy to partake of their wares…

After our time in the mall, we took a short drive to our final destination of the day – where we were warmly received by staff of another Christian school in Tegucigalpa run by Edgardo’s (Mrs. Young’s husband) sister. We were ushered in around 6:30pm and welcomed by the pleasing aroma of barbequed meats. The staff and Edgardo treated us to a feast of chicken, beef, tortilla, rice pilaf, fresh avocados, and chopped salsa. We tried our best to do it justice – not knowing that we were to be subsequently engaged in physical activity, led by three, energetic young adults associated with the school. Large skipping rope competitions, 2-on-2 soccer matches on mini nets, a form of dodge ball (Cedars’ lunch times coming in handy), and several other games of wit and physical endurance – leaving us sweaty and exhausted.

Sleep came easier to some than others. Flu and bathroom “stuff” (that we are increasingly becoming comfortable speaking about) have hit 5+ members of our team. Keep praying for our health and strength as we close out our days here – away from familiar foods, temperatures, and toilets.


Mr. Nelson