Another early wake up to a hot muggy day. We scrambled to finish our packing for a night at Miss Jaime’s sister- in-laws school. When the bell rang twice one at 6:15 and the other at 6:30 we came strolling for a early morning breakfast. When we arrived Hannah screamed with joy, at the sight of pancakes as big as our faces!! After the great breakfast of American food, we headed out on the road on the back of an old rusted up truck going 100 miles/hour. They only had the one available truck so we decided to all cram in the one, which required us to stand. Now, the road to our destination was a dirt path covered in pot holes worse than the intersection of 15th and foothills. Not only was it a bumpy ride but it ran along a steep cliff and large sections of road had been swept away by erosion. We were headed towards a coffee plantation which was at the top of a mountain, as that is where the best coffee is grown. There are two ways to get up a mountain, one, straight up, the other constant switch backs. The latter was our choice path. Unfortunately for us new comers to riding in the back of a rickety truck, this experience did not sit well with many stomachs. The upside of being in the back provided plenty of opportunities to upchuck your breakfast while we kept moving. Therefore we wasted no time.

Once we conquered the switch backs, we were met with a road block of cows. As Mr. Nelson was our driver, he was not accustomed to livestock on the road. His immediate reaction was to beep the horn, which turned out to be the wrong decision. You see, the horns here are different. They sound like an angry cow, no joke. It cleared the cows from the road but the single bull was not as accepting of this intruder. Basically it was enraged and decided to charge after us with haste. I hope you haven’t forgotten that at this moment, we are still in the back of the truck.

Panic swept through the truck like wildfire. Out of sheer terror Mr Nelson stepped on the gas and catapulted us over the cliff. Game Over.

Before you grab that phone, or book that flight, we just want to comfort you with the truth, this story is not completely true. We did not die, obviously, we were not chased by a cow, and Mr Nelson did not drive. We will let you decide for your selves whether or not we rode in the back of the truck.

Hannah, Alyse, Michelle and Janelle

UPDATE: Mr. Nelson gets his first taste of Honduran driving later in the day…no cows. 🙂