After a long, 19hr day yesterday our 7am “sleep-in” was a welcome start to Day 5. Late finish to Day 4 was primarily due to technical difficulties on the part of the gringos! We had hoped to show our music/drama with the Villa students and staff, but couldn’t get sound and projection to work at the same time. It was particularly ironic being the “tech guy”. After a humbling start (and much patience and grace on the part of our Honduran crowd), we continued to humble ourselves on the dance floor. Mario, one of the Villa volunteer staff, hales from northern Honduras – where 17,000 men and women gather in his home church to worship – several thousand of which worship through song and dance during their 1.5 hour worship service (1.5 hrs of sermon follows this up!). In a scaled-down recreation of this experience, we learned steps to a worship song with a faster beat than Mr. Nelson could handle, for sure! Fun had by all, though…

Work on the pathway, exterior painting, and vegetable gardening continued today. Mrs. T and Haley worked alongside three of the students to dig out weeds and plant a good section of veggies. It was hotter today (not sure how hot), and we did have two gals experience some heat/sun stroke. Good news is that they are on the mend and re-hydrating well. With a long day yesterday and a long morning of work, we spent the afternoon engaged in siesta-like activities: games, crafts, naps, showers, and…drinking lots of water. Discussions of urine colour are on the increase… 🙂

Food has been great. We were treated to cinnamon buns last night and this morning – courtesy of Tio-Fofo, a 74 year old adopted grandpa who comes from Houston on a monthly basis to help in the kitchen, work with the boys, and do repairs around the Villa. He took particular joy in blowing the whistle during our football matches!

Evening singing and testimony time was powerful once again for our group. Angie shared her story of rescue and journey to healing following emotional and sexual abuse at the hand of her father. It seems that the Villa students prompted to share their stories are being used by God to minister to our students.  One of the key messages in Angie’s story was forgiveness – that even though others have hurt us, healing for us can be experienced in breaking the chains of bitterness and hatred. Angie shared that in a recent meeting with her mom that she was hardly recognized – given the transformation in her spirit and physical countenance. The verse that she referenced was God “turning her mourning into dancing”…and it is, truly, evident on her smiling face.