So, second full day in Honduras…It deffinitely feels like it’s been much longer than that! Today we woke up at an early 4:30 to have devotions with the rest of the Jericho house. It was so cool. Singing together with them is just so amazing because even though we might be singing if different languages, we are still sharing the same words and feelings for God. It’s really beautiful. And every single person at the house have such a burning desire for Christ; something that we have never seen before. The theme for devotions today was looking for the good in people. Lives have been so put down and changed because of hurtful words and negativity. It was really simple: compliment someone atleast once a day, and see people as made in God’s image. Just by doing that, you can make a difference in someone’s life.

After devotions we had a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, an apple, orange juice, and Honduran coffee (Which is probably the best coffee you’ll ever have). We quickly did dishes and were on our way into the city. We arrived at Jericho School at around 8 am, where the school was celebrating Father’s Day. Children and their fathers were sitting together, worshipping God and learning more about his love for us. Apparently the Pastor gave a really powerful message to us, but unfortunately, we don’t speak Spanish. Miss Jamie promised to tell us tonight about it. Once the Father’s Day celebration was over, we had an assembly with the kids. We sang songs and Miss Jamie talked about us in Spanish, which again, we didn’t understand. It was probably flattering, knowing her… The kids were adorable and welcomed us with open arms. And after we were separated into classrooms and attempted to recreate the same craft that we did with the kids at Cedars. To say the least, it was an adventure. Multiple stories were shared at the lunch table about what happened in the classrooms. For lunch we had chicken, fried rice, salad, and the best homemade buns in the world, and freshly squeezed pinapple juice (FYI: Janelle doesn’t drink juice, wait maybe the pinapple juice once). Oh, we also got to see the kids overjoyed to have a Pinata. It was very scary for us to watch though because the wooden stick used to hit the pinata was being swung widly, with very little caution. But the joy on their faces everytime the pinata cracked a little bit more was worth the cringing and paranoia of someone getting hit.

Currently, we are at the school, typing this blog post to you in one of the School offices. With Isabella (Betsy’s daughter), screaming in our ears. But she’s adorable so we let her get away with it. We are waiting for Jericho’s buses to pick us up and take us to the villa. (1.5 hour drive) And hopefully, we will get the opportunity to go to Expresso Americano for another Mochachino Supreme. A mocha frappucino with oreo crumbles and whip cream in a cup that barely lasts 30 seconds -and just over a dollar!

Well I thinks it’s time to go play with the kids! We will write to you all again soon. We all miss you guys, and wish you could share this experience with us.

On behalf of the Honduras Team,

Love Megan the Best…. and Janelle (a little bit).