Well, it is tough to say whether we perspired more playing soccer or working around the Villa today! Mr. Deck and a crew of five did some painting in the residence area we are staying – turning grey brick/stucco into a clean and fresh white, while the rest of us built a trail to a future reflective area that Betsy hopes will become a reality in the near future. At one point on the trail we had 5-6 people working levers to attempt removal of one of the larger rocks in our way! The students worked really hard and accomplished more than expected.

Following some authentic enchiladas for lunch, an impromptu Honduras vs. Canada soccer match broke out on the front play area. Sadly, even with some loaned players, Canada lost 14 – 5. Next time…

One can see why school runs from 7am – 12:30pm in Tegucigalpa. Many of us needed some serious siesta time to obtain a semblance of cool after our big energy expenditure of the morning. After lunch, the Jericho students found areas to tackle some of their homework and read books, and our many of our students took the opportunity to journal and visit. Relationship is a high priority in Honduras, and it was neat to see the mix of play, education/lessons, eating together, and visiting. Although many of the Jericho students have had a difficult start to life, they seem so settled in the environment that they have created in this place.

Were going to take a hike together, but we are experiencing a healthy thunder and lightning storm – and enjoying the more leisurely afternoon. Alyse is making her chocolate dessert for one of the Jericho boys who has a birthday today…and good smells are wafting through the house for all to enjoy.

Read some of your comments – keep ’em coming. Great to hear from home and know that you are thinking of us!

More later…Lord willing. 🙂

-Meester Shane (as I am affectionately called here)