While the first 12 hours of the trip did not take us far geographically, some good chats have made for a great start to our journey as a team. A 2 hour delay in Calgary made for a 9pm departure from Canadian soil en route to San Francisco and Houston. Looking forward to a good Texan breakfast. Key to our entertainment thus far have been the Mendez-Young kids – with their tireless movement and appetite for fun and games. Neat to see a few of our gals take them up on the games and give Mrs. Young and her husband a bit of time to visit with others.

Airports are interesting places – to be sure. Delayed flights put some folks in the mood for conversations, and several of our team enjoyed swapping destination stories with fellow travelers!

Thanks to all of you who have held us up in prayer today. We’ve had a smooth ride so far – and everyone, though travel-weary, is feeling good and wearing a smile.

🙂 Mr. Nelson

Things we have learned so far:

1. First thing Megan and Hannah look for on the plane is to locate the puke bag
2. Konnor carries large chocolate bars on flights.
3. Jaelynn is good at giving kids piggy back rides.
4. Tianna goes through withdrawal when she can’t text
5. Haley is really good at French braiding.
6. Jaelynn and Jessica like cart-racing in airports.
7. Michelle can sleep and wake upon command.
8. This is Sarah’s first time on a plane.
9. Mrs. T likes to read.
10. Mr. Deck has special privileges in airports.

Mrs. Tuninga

P.S. Safe arrival in Houston!