The underlying theme in Paul’s letter to the believers in Philippi was joy. It was written from a prison cell. This is what a Christian response to challenge looks like. In the words of Paul,

“I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in every situation…” (4:11,12)

A week ago, we had two buses. This week we have zero buses*. We are finding the truth in Paul’s encouragement to pray about everything (4:6), be full of joy and thanksgiving (4:4,6), and to fix our eyes on what is true…excellent and praiseworthy (4:8). And, in the circumstance we find ourselves in, we are truly experiencing the peace and provision of God (4:7,9).

In the wake of Friday’s loss of our school bus to fire, we experienced an outpouring of generosity from our community. Ness Lake Bible Camp, Lakes Community Church and Diversified Transport immediately offered buses and drivers to meet short and long-term transportation needs. Community members and strangers stepped forward with unsolicited financial donations. Representatives from schools across BC have offered prayers and support to our school – coming alongside Cedars as we process this incident.

As Paul reflects, we know that our community believes in the work God is doing in this place, but they don’t always have “opportunity to show it” (4:10). Although we would never wish for something like Friday’s incident to occur, the glimpse that it has given us of the support network we have in this city and province has brought much joy.

May the Lord continue to use this school for His glory – in every circumstance!

*Note: RCMP confirmed earlier today that the bus was set ablaze in an attempt to drill and gain access to fuel. Arson was not, apparently, the premeditated intent of the perpetrator(s). Still a significant loss; but some comfort in this information.

Shane Nelson, Principal