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Communicating Student Learning – Info Installment #6

Why is my child self-reflecting and setting goals?

The Ministry of Education and Child Care is implementing a new student reporting policy for K-12 students this year. As an Independent school, we have some discretion in how we implement this policy at Cedars. Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing information with parents/caregivers to help them understand how student learning will be communicated through this school year.

In this installment, we will address the following question: Why is my child self-reflecting and setting goals?

One of the key components of the modernized curriculum in BC is the inclusion of core competencies. From K-12, students are provided opportunities to learn about, self-reflect and set growth goals on their communication, thinking, and personal and social competencies. Core competencies go beyond facts and content and focus attention on the life-long, transferable, individual and relational skills that promote human flourishing. You can learn more about the core competencies on the Ministry’s curriculum webpage.

Teachers reference and engage students in conversations about core competencies before, during and after learning experiences across subject areas. Elementary students set goals and reflect on their growth with respect to these competencies throughout the year, and typically assemble a portfolio of evidence to support their reflections. These reflections and portfolios are referenced in Fall learning conferences and are shared with parents/caregivers at the end of each school year. High school students take time at the end of each semester to self-reflect on core competencies. Copies of these reflections are included in semester-end summaries of learning.

Thank you for tuning into this series. One more installment to go next week! If this series has brought up questions for you about student learning and assessment, we encourage you to come out tonight at 7pm for our Parent Orientation in the high school foyer. We are looking forward to having some of our teachers and administrators share samples of our Primary, Intermediate, and High School learning updates (report cards), and walk through the steps that teachers take to process Ministry curriculum standards, create learning experiences, and assess the proficiency level of each student.

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