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March 13, 2024: Applications are now closed for the 24/25 school year with the exception of Kindergarten and Grade 8.

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Come and See our Elementary School’s “Come and See Table”!

As you know, this years’ school theme is Come and See! Through this we pray that students will get the opportunity to come and see Jesus and to experience His presence and love firsthand. Connected to this, all classes in the elementary school also have a monthly focus for kids to learn more about who God is and what He calls us to be. We are looking at being Beauty Creators this October. We will focus on Servant Workers in November.

Please come and see a Come and See Table that has been set up just outside of the staff room. This table highlights our monthly focus (noted on the bulletin board above) and asks everyone in our community (students, staff, families, community members) to add to it with items that demonstrate evidence of who God is or how He has created us to be (Beauty Creators, Servant Workers, etc.)

We ask that all items that are put on the table are able to be touched and likely not returned to the original owner. Precious/breakable items should not be brought, but a picture to be displayed instead.

Students also have the option of picking up a response slip that asks them to answer a few prompts to explain their item of choice and what they see/have learned about God through them. We are asking that students complete this slip on their own or with the help of someone from home as teachers have quite a lot happening in the classrooms as it is! At the end of the month, a draw will be held with a special surprise for the winners.

Please speak to your child about this and come and see for yourself. We hope that you meet Jesus, too!