Once again, we give thanks for the Lord’s provision of quality, Christian staff to serve our Cedars students and families. Our current plan for class compositions and staffing are outlined below. Elementary staff will be working on class lists over the next few weeks, and will share them with parents on Friday, June 18th.

Principal – Mr. Shane Nelson
*Elementary Vice Principal / VP of Teaching and Learning – Mrs. Andrea Posada (returning)
High School Vice Principal – Mr. Terence Wall

*Mrs. Jessica Rand’s last day at Cedars will be Friday, May 21st. The Rand family is moving to Vancouver Island. We will miss them! Mrs. Posada has graciously offered to come out of maternity leave early to resume her role as Elementary Vice Principal. She will be working from Monday-Thursday until the end of June, and will be returning full time in the Fall.

Main Office – Mrs. Coleen Hein; Mrs. Janine Balteratu
Business Office – Mrs. Karen Rogers
Business Administrator – Mrs. Michelle Karpenko
Educational Support Services Director – Mrs. Janice Giesbrecht
Community Engagement Director – Mr. Dave Rowland
Athletic Director – Mr. Steve Wilson
Facility Manager – Mr. George Hein (new!)
Traffic Coordinator – Mrs. Marlie McCabe

Elementary Staff
Kindergarten – Mrs. Lindsay Ray / Mrs. Kayla Schmalz
Kindergarten – Mr. Josh Gagnon
Grade 1 – Mrs. Andrea Glasgow
Grade 1/2 – Mrs. Emily Hanson (new!)
Grade 2 – Mrs. Sharon Van Delft
Grade 3 – Mrs. Heather Fisher
Grade 4 – Mr. Winston Price
Grade 5 – Mrs. Sherry Toninato
Grade 5/6 – Mr. Jeff Ludditt
Grade 6 – Mr. Matthew Ceaser
Grade 7 – Mrs. Sue Reimer

Intermediate French – Miss Sarah Allan (resuming)
Primary PHE / Library – Mrs. Jamie Erbacher
Elementary Music – Miss Shoshanna van Dijk
Elementary Support Services Coordinator – Mrs. Carolyn Tiefensee
Learning Assistance – Mrs. Carolyn Missiuna

High School Staff
Miss Sarah Allan (French, English)
Mrs. Krista Claus (Foods, Math)
Mr. Frank Crosina (PHE, Active Living, Video Editing, Desktop Publishing)
Miss Sarah Darragh (Math, Science, Biology)
Mrs. Caroljoy Green (Drama, Theatre)
Mrs. Dorianna Hoekstra (Math, Physics)
Mrs. Marli Holmes (Humanities, English, Social Studies, Art, Contemporary Music)
Mrs. Krystal Rempel (Humanities, Psychology, Law, Social Justice)
Mr. Roland Rempel (Science, Biology, Woodworking, Auto Tech, Volleyball)
Mrs. Julia Tuininga (PHE, Math, Outdoor Education)
Miss Shoshanna van Dijk (High School Band)
Mr. Terence Wall (Bible, Web Development, Art)
Mr. Steve Wilson (Bible, Christian Perspectives, Career Life Explorations, Graphic Production)

We also have an amazing group of educational and operational support staff in place for 2021/22! Contracts and placements for some of these staff members are still in flux, so we will name these folks at a later date.