Over the past month or so, K-6 students have been preparing for our Christmas musical in their weekly music classes. Cast members have been practicing their roles at lunch in Mrs. Toninato’s classroom. Starting next week, we will be bringing K-2 and Grade 3-6 students together for combined practices and a culminating performance on December 16th.

In alignment with our school Communicable Disease Prevention Plan, we will be applying the following health and safety measures and considerations:

  • Parents / Caregivers are encouraged to be vigilant with respect to performing daily health checks with their children. With K-2 and Grade 3-6 students together, there is a larger potential exposure group.
  • Students in the mass choir will wear masks throughout the practice and performance – including times they are singing – unless they have previously obtained a mask exemption through our school process. Exception may be made for some actors for whom speaking into a mic while wearing a mask may be difficult.
  • K-2 and Grade 3-6 practices and performance will be separate. This will reduce the time that groups are on the stage together, and the overall number of students “on stage” for practices and performance. Less than 100 students will be on stage for any given practice or performance – similar to a weekly chapel experiences.
  • A 20 minute break between groups will allow the practice/performance room air to be cleared ahead of subsequent users.
  • Doors in the gym and windows in the church will be opened whenever possible (depending on outside temperatures) during practices and performance to promote air circulation.
  • Combined practices will be in the gym (our largest inside space), and will be spread over 4 mornings and kept as short as possible.
  • The church rehearsals and performance will be in the sanctuary (large inside space). K-2 and Grade 3-6 performances will be separate.
  • Eating on and off-site will take place in spaces that are clean, and hand hygiene will be prioritized.
  • Rehearsals and performance will be without an audience – with the exception of K-2 students viewing the Grade 3-6 rehearsal on Wednesday, Dec 15th.

We regret that parents/caregivers will not be able to experience this year’s event as a live performance, but are working hard to put together a high quality video that will be shared with families to view together over the Christmas break.

If you have any questions or concerns with respect to health and safety considerations, please direct them to our Principal, Shane Nelson.