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March 13, 2024: Applications are now closed for the 24/25 school year with the exception of Kindergarten and Grade 8.

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Celebrating our High School Athletic Awards Recipients

Last Tuesday we celebrated the achievements of our high school teams and athletes for the 2022-23 season. Here are the highlights:

Grade 8 Girls Volleyball District Champions
Grade 8 Boys Volleyball District Runners-up
Senior Girls Volleyball Zone Champions
Senior Boys Volleyball Zone Champions and Provincial Silver Medallists
Grade 8 Girls Basketball District Champions
Junior “B” Boys Basketball District Champions
Senior Boys Basketball Zone Champions and 5th Place at Provincials

In addition, we had individual athletes qualify for provincial championships in gymnastics (Carla Van Zyl, Jaela Erbacher and Kaitlyn Powar) and track and field (Maddie Erbacher and Emma Ward). We also fielded competitive teams in Junior Boys and Girls Volleyball, Cross-country and, for the first time in 6 years, Senior Girls Basketball!

Here is the list of athletes who were recognized for their efforts and achievements on their respective teams:

Grade 8 Girls Volleyball: Paige Kynoch (MVP) Molly Rodgerson (Most Inspirational)
Grade 8 Boys Volleyball: David Okebie (MVP) Ben Claus (Most Improved) Koen Bailie (Most Inspirational)
Junior Girls Volleyball: Jaela Erbacher/Michayla Bailie (MVPs) Julia Redden (Most Inspirational)
Junior Boys Volleyball: Joshua Olatunbosun (MVP) Liam Brekkaas (Most Improved) Derek Hempstead (Most Inspirational)
Senior Girls Volleyball: Maddie Erbacher (MVP) Natalie Ward (Most Improved) Emma Ward (Most Inspirational)
Senior Boys Volleyball: John Jeong (MVP) Dylan Buhler and Gabe Taylor (Most Improved) Liam Tiefensee (Most Inspirational)
Cross-Country: Sam Boutcher (MVP)
Grade 8 Girls Basketball: Cadence Hooft (MVP) Maeli Kelsh/Molly Rodgerson (Most Improved) Jenika Petkau (Most Inspirational)
Grade 8 Boys Basketball: Kruz Powar (MVP) Andrew Boutcher (Most Improved) Malachi Norton (Most Inspirational)
Junior Boys Basketball: Jude Poulin (MVP) Caleb Van der Merwe (Most Improved) Neil Henderson/Liam Reusch (Most Inspirational)
Senior Girls Basketball: Amy Larson (MVP) Natalie Ward (Most Improved) Chizaram Okebie (Most Inspirational)
Senior Boys Basketball: Ryan Crosina (MVP) Joe Redden (Most Improved) Andrew Isaac/Liam TIefensee (Most Inspirational)
Track and Field Emma Ward (MVP)

Junior Girls: Carla Van Zyl
Junior Boys: Joshua Olatubosun
Senior Girls: Maddie Erbacher
Senior Boys: Liam Tiefensee

Finally a BIG THANK YOU to all the staff coaches, student and alumni coaches, community coaches and staff sponsors without whom we could not offer these opportunities to our students:

Staff: Julia Tuininga, Krystal Rempel, Michelle Karpenko, Roland Rempel, Sarah Darragh, Kyla Bailie, Krista Claus (2 teams), Jeff Ludditt (2 teams), Frank Crosina (2 teams), Nolan Hanson (2 teams)
Students: Maddie Erbacher, Emma Ward, Amy Larson, Andrew Isaac, Liam Tiefensee
Alumni: Caleb Plouffe, Hailey Gilkerson, Ben Wolitski, Karl Kibonge, Zach Wagner
Community: Laura MacDonald, Noah Podolski, Deb Taylor, Caleb Wilson, Jordan Johnson