Celebrating our 2022 Grads

Over the next several weeks, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate our Graduating Class of 2022. We will add grads to this post as we add them to The Shake newsletter each week. We encourage you to take some time to read about, celebrate, and pray for our grads!

May 18
Faith Iyaoromi

Started at Cedars: Grade 8

Highlights: Mr. Rempel’s classes, foods with Mrs. Claus, dodgeball with Mr. C, lunch time with friends… and Chef Todd on the Grad Trip

Remembered For: Baking cakes for school projects whenever possible, willingness to help others, and bright smiles.

Future Plans: To attend UNBC with long term plans to become a surgeon. If that doesn’t work out, acting, missionary work and owning a bake shop are options to consider!

Prayer Request: For the Lord’s wisdom, guidance, and strength for life beyond secondary school.

Ciara Cuthbert

Started at Cedars: Kindergarten

Highlights: Passing all of my classes!

Remembered For: Big grins, tripping over roots on the Grad Trip, and being the quietest person in the class.

Future Plans: To move to Abbotsford and attend Columbia Bible College, and perhaps study criminology.

Prayer Request: For direction after her year at CBC.

Elyran Hrankowski

Started at Cedars: Grade 8

Highlights: Woodworking, senior drama productions, the high school ski trip, and whitewater rafting on the Grad Trip.

Remembered For: His roles in senior drama productions, being late for “A-block”, and passion for photography.

Future Plans: Work in Lake Louise this summer and figure it out from there!

Prayer Request: For the Lord’s guidance and direction for the future.

Tristan Bartrim

Started at Cedars: Kindergarten

Highlights: The high school ski trips, provincial tournaments, and the Grad Trip.

Remembered For: Procrastinating, being late in the morning… and never being in a hurry.

Future Plans: To work this summer, and perhaps take a gap year before studying business at UNBC.

Prayer Request: Guidance for future school and work plans.

Zach Clements

Started at Cedars: Preschool!

Highlights: Gr.8 volleyball and basketball, chapel times, Mr. Rempel, band and Grad trips.

Remembered For: Playing trumpet, telling silly jokes, being the Cedars’ mascot, and never being on time.

Future Plans: Volunteer as a cabin leader this summer at Ness Lake, work in the Fall to save money for studying criminology at CNC with a long term goal of studying forensic science.

Prayer Request: To stay connected with friends and remain faithful to the Lord.

May 11
Jenevieve Wilson

Started at Cedars: Grade 2

Highlights: Volleyball trips, drama productions, Chef Todd on the grad trip, and controversial class discussions.

Remembered For: Roles in our high school drama productions, being the youngest Wilson, and being “spelling-challenged”.

Future Plans: To work and travel, and pursue film studies at CNC.

Prayer Request: For the Lord’s guidance and direction in these next few years.

Kendra Shauer

Started at Cedars: Grade 11

Highlights: High school service days, participating in the grad trip, and recognition as a UNBC academic achiever.

Remembered For: Cheesecake, providing snacks and gum, her quirky personality, falling upstairs, and her Hawaiian shirt!

Future Plans: To work at Ness Lake this summer as a cabin leader, attend the Quest program at CBC in the Fall, and see where the Lord leads next!

Prayer Request: For clarification regarding ministry calling, and faith to trust in God’s plan.

Landen Russell

Started at Cedars: Grade 5

Highlights: Participation in high school band and associated trips.

Remembered For: His sick alto sax riffs, help with AV, love of vehicles, and having the loudest car in the Cedars’ parking lot.

Future Plans: Working and traveling this summer before starting the electrical program at CNC – with a long term goal of obtaining a red-seal trade certification as an electrician.

Prayer Request: For clarity around life decisions around work and continuation of good friendships beyond high school.

Mitchell Crosina

Started at Cedars: Kindergarten

Highlights: The Mount Robson trip in grade 7, basketball and volleyball provincial tournaments, grad and high school ski trips.

Remembered For: Passion for sports and cheerful demeanor.

Future Plans: To play basketball and work this summer, attend a college or university to study education and play sports, and become an elementary teacher.

Prayer Request: Guidance for future school and work decisions, and continued growth in his relationship with God.

Rebekah Barg

Started at Cedars: Grade 4

Highlights: White water rafting during the grad trip and support from Mr. Crosina and Mrs. Hoekstra.

Remembered For: Being recognized as UNBC academic scholar, being a human spellchecker, blurting out random facts, and “charming” sarcasm.

Future Plans: To attend UNBC and do some traveling.

Prayer Request: Career path direction and continued strengthening of her relationship with the Lord after high school.

May 4
Andries Van Zyl

Started at Cedars: Grade 1

Highlights: Mr. Rempel, X-block classes, and extracurricular school experiences.

Remembered For: Playing guitar in worship arts, competing at a high level in judo, and running into a tree on the grad trip!

Future Plans: Attending UNBC in the Fall with a long-term goal of med school.

Prayer Request: For strength in the Lord and post-secondary pursuits.

Arianna Rosen

Started at Cedars: Grade 9

Highlights: PE 12, high school service days, the grad trip…and teacher support in all of her classes!

Remembered For: Her roles in our high school drama productions and Mr. Wilson holding her foot during the Law 12 mock trial to prevent pre-trial cut that was bleeding.

Future Plans: Attend CNC/UNBC for the registered nursing program whilst working part-time. She hopes to travel and work as a nurse across Canada.

Prayer Request: For the Lord’s guidance with post-secondary plans and strength for nursing program completion.

Chloe (CJ) Cross

Started at Cedars: Grade 3

Highlights: The grade 7 Robson trip and art project achievements.

Remembered For: Her creative/artistic abilities and propensity to fall asleep in class at “inconvenient” times.

Future Plans: Attend CNC to study forestry or related environmental work and, perhaps, pursue artistic skill development around pottery.

Prayer Request: For overall well-being as she steps away from school and enters the “big” post-secondary world.

Jakob Doerksen

Started at Cedars: Kindergarten

Highlights: Third place finish at basketball provincials this year, playing sports, impactful teachers/coaches, and good friends.

Remembered For: Passion for sport, flowy hair, strong opinions, breaking his wrist, and his love of the outdoors.

Future Plans: To become a heavy-duty mechanic and operate his own service truck as a business.

Prayer Request: Continued gratefulness for all that he has been given, and direction for where to apply this learning and preparation.

April 27
Jakob Oliver
(Valedictorian 2022)

Started at Cedars: Kindergarten

Highlights: Third place finishes at both volleyball and basketball provincials, school trips (sports, band), and Cedars’ amazing teachers!

Remembered For: Being kind to others, intensity on the court, and giving long responses to questions in class.

Future Plans: Attend UNBC for an undergrad degree with hopes of becoming a clinical child psychologist.

Prayer Request: For strong ongoing and new relationships, and smooth transition to university life.

Lizzie Hillhouse

Started at Cedars: Kindergarten

Highlights: Worship Arts class, volleyball and basketball team experiences, service days and this year’s grad trip!

Remembered For: Her pursuit of excellence – in music, athletics, and academics…and Dutch Blitz domination on the grad trip!

Future Plans: Serve at Ness Lake this summer, continue to study piano, and attend UNBC with a goal of becoming a high school teacher.

Prayer Request: For new connections at UNBC and the Lord’s continued guidance.

Victoria Blanis

Started at Cedars: Grade 8

Highlights: The kind staff members, participating in track and field, the high school ski trip, and the class grad trip.

Remembered For: Her cheerful smiles and polite greetings!

Future Plans: Attend CNC in the Fall, learn to drive, study applied arts, and travel to Europe and Japan!

Prayer Request: For the Lord’s blessing and protection.

Zach Wagner

Started at Cedars: Grade 2

Highlights: All the class trips (Vanderhoof by train, Ft. St. James, Barkerville, Robson), winning bronze at volleyball and basketball provincials, and taking woodworking and Auto Tech classes.

Remembered For: Working hard, big smiles, and living with purpose.

Future Plans: Complete first-year apprenticeship in carpentry, get married and have a family.

Prayer Request: For the Lord’s continued direction.