Over the next several weeks, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate our Graduating Class of 2021. We will add grads to this post as we add them to The Shake newsletter each week. We encourage you to take some time to read about, celebrate, and pray for our grads!

April 14 (below)

April 14

Noelle Aitken

Started at Cedars: Kindergarten

Highlights: Provincial Volleyball trips in grades 10 and 11! Morning volleyball for 3 years with Mr. Rempel

Remembered for: Extreme love/addiction for Tim Horton’s Iced Capp with chocolate milk; “Big Yeti”; wacky sounds and a red face playing volleyball; love for the outdoors; epic sticker collection on Nalgene water bottles

Future plans: UNBC in Environmental Engineering then transfer to CNC Sonography program; perhaps Capernwray or travel after college

Prayer requests: Wisdom to discern God’s guidance through post-secondary education; To grow deeper roots in my faith in God that I may fulfill my purpose He has for me

Jayden Bergstrom

Started at Cedars: Preschool

Highlights: Sports trips; YWAM in grade 11; All of my great teachers

Remembered for: Being LOUD and being late; Sloths; TikTok dances in hallways

Future plans: Attend UNBC for a Bachelor of Science degree then to veterinary school

Prayer requests: Wisdom and guidance in life after Cedars

Aleena Brower-Berkhoven

Started at Cedars: KIndergarten

Highlights: Grade 7 camping trip to Mount Robson; YWAM trip in grade 11

Remembered for: Love for dinosaurs; Science facts and jokes; Random facts about weird things; “Would you rather” questions

Future plans: To take a gap year and get a job then possibly pursue ECE training

Prayer requests: Uncertain about my future so wisdom to discern what to do or where to go

Malcolm Crawford

Started at Cedars: Grade 4

Highlights: Band trips to Alberta and Volleyball trips

Remembered for: C-R-V; Not caring what anyone thinks of me; ICE

Future plans: To go to YWAM Japan in January; To fight wildfires next summer; To open my own board and bike shop

Prayer requests: Guidance and direction for what to do with my life after Cedars

April 21

Mckenzie Friesen

Started at Cedars: Kindergarten

Highlights: Grade 3 Worship Wednesdays and Faith Fridays; Grade 7 Mount Robson Trip; Band trip to Three Hills, AB; Cross-country meet in Vanderhoof

Remembered for: raising goats and sheep in 4-H

Future plans: raise and sell her animals in the summer; UNBC in Biology; Career in Agriculture

Prayer requests: To be sensitive to the voice of God regarding the plans he has for me

Hailey Gilkerson

Started at Cedars: Pre-school then grades 1-12

Highlights: Volleyball and having the opportunity to be team captain, travel and play my favourite sport with my best friends; teachers and staff who had patience with me and listened

Remembered for: Daily trips to Starbucks; “You are just memorable” a quote from Maillee Taylor

Future plans: Post-secondary to become a high school teacher

Prayer requests: “To be honest I’m not sure”

Annie Godwin

Started at Cedars: Grade 11

Highlights: YWAM trip; Service Days; time at the New Life Centre with Social Justice class; Honour Roll with Distinction in grade 11; School dances

Remembered for: Cat leggings; my kind heart; being away a lot; My Ruby Faint

Future plans: I plan to go into an online college for my 2 year ECE degree. I then plan to work as an ECE while pursuing other schooling options

Prayer requests: “Ask God to guide me down the right path.”

Eryn Isaac

Started at Cedars: Kindergarten

Highlights: Going to volleyball provincials; The YWAM trip; Worship Arts; Talking with Mrs. Rowland

Remembered for: Being on the worship arts team; For being a swimmer

Future plans: I am planning on going to CNC in the fall then after two year to UNBC. I want to go into the nursing program to eventually become a maternity nurse. And I hope to do a lot of traveling when things open back up

Prayer requests: That I would be able to get the finances I need for school; For wisdom in the future and that God would lead me in what He wants me to do

April 28

Matteus Leblond

Started at Cedars: Grade 5

Highlights: Making friends at this school got me through one of the toughest times of my life. That is the main thing that I will always remember about Cedars.

Remembered for: Being there!! And being a man of very few words!

Future plans: To go on a YWAM missionary trip; work a lot to save so I can go to school again to pursue a career in animation

Prayer requests: That nothing will happen within the missionary trip; Also prayers that we can travel in 2022 as we are supposed to go to Japan. And that I will have some guidance going throughout the rest of my life

Melody Missiuna

Started at Cedars: Second semester of Grade 9​

Highlights: I absolutely loved the YWAM trip. The classes that I will remember most fondly are math, physics, small engines, and art. I am also very honoured to have been chosen as Cedars’ nominee for the BC Excellence Scholarship.

Remembered for: I’m not sure what other people will remember me for. I am rather quiet.

Future plans: Work over the summer and then return for school at UNBC in the fall. I plan to get my Bachelor of Science degree to become a math and physics teacher.

Prayer requests: Please pray for me as I continue to seek out God – that I will be able to adapt to the changes and follow where God is leading me and for peace as I move forward into the future

Chloe Nelson

Started at Cedars: Kindergarten

Highlights: Events – YWAM, Service days, Ski trip, band trip; Classes – Law 12 (Mock Trial), Biology 12; Teachers – Mrs Hoekstra, Ms Daragh, Mrs Rempel

Remembered for: I hope my friends will remember me for being inclusive and kind

Future plans: Columbia Bible College (1 year Education Assistant course)

Prayer requests: I would like prayer for God to give me direction and help me to figure out what to do and who I would like to be when I graduate. Although I have a plan for my first year after I graduate, my life afterwards is still unknown for me.

Mitchell Nikkel

Started at Cedars: Preschool

Highlights: Sports trips, YWAM, Grade 7 Mount Robson Trip, Mr. Crosina, Mr. Rempel were some of my favourite teachers

Remembered for: Bringing the good laughs to the table, my choccy milk obsession, mammoth mug, eating frosties in Miss Darragh’s bio class, my loud yawns in class, punching my thigh in basketball!

Future plans: I am going to Columbia Bible College in the fall and then after that I am going to Business school at Trinity Western

Prayer requests: For having the motivation to finish off the school year and finish all class work, also that I will encounter God and develop my relationship with Him during my time away at college and university

May 5

Trinitee Orton

Started at Cedars: Grade 3

Highlights: Volleyball trips: Noodle box, the Christmas bus; the Spooky bus, nightly devotions and playing grounders. YWAM

Remembered for: “A lot of stupid things I have said or done”

Future plans: Go to UNBC in the fall would like to become a psychologist; once I am able to, I plan on travelling around the world

Prayer requests: For wisdom for the future if it’s for school or large decisions that need to be made; Finances for school; Summer job

Evan Staves

Started at Cedars: Preschool

Highlights: Sports trips, YWAM, Mt.Robson Trip, Mrs. Rowland, Friends

Remembered for: Humour, easy to talk to, make friends with anyone. (And getting hurt most every sports season 🙂

Future plans: UNBC Bio-Med program

Prayer requests: That I find financial stability and that I will be able to deal with the stress well

Maillee Taylor

Started at Cedars: Kindergarten

Highlights: Volleyball trips (chaotic bus rides, practically living at Shoppers Drug Mart, noodlebox, late night devotions, face masks, hide and seek, etc);
Friendships made; The chance to have an actual relationship with my teachers; Showing up to chemistry in hazmat suits with Hailz and Jayden​

Remembered for: Not being able to whisper; Indecisiveness; Wearing socks with flip flops

Future plans: I plan to go to UNBC next year, and eventually pursue a Bachelor of Education so that I can become an elementary teacher; Unrealistically, I want to hop on a plane to Hawaii as soon as I can

Prayer requests: That God continues to light my path, and surety that I am making the right choices

Evan Tiefensee

Started at Cedars: Grade 5

Highlights: Volleyball and Mechanics; Talks with Mr. Rempel; Jr Volleyball provs with Mr C and the guys

Remembered for: Probably being myself?

Future plans: CNC in the Heavy Duty Mechanics program; to get a job in mechanics and get ticketed. I would like to be a certified welder and get into mechanical engineering. I also dream of building my own truck from the ground up in my spare time.

Prayer requests: I would like to have prayer for a clear path, for wisdom, and for a sense of security as i continue on with life.

May 12

Maxwell Whitehouse

Started at Cedars: Grade 2

Highlights: Sports teams, events such as basketball trips and running meets, playing multiple instruments on the worship arts team, Grade 11 YWAM

Remembered for: Tolerating them, demanding respect everywhere, running fast. The litre of apple juice and the two litres of chocolate milk. Piano, playing it any chance I got. Never being far from the swing set in elementary.

Future plans: Going to UNBC for the Civil Engineering program next year, possibly a music education afterwards.

Prayer requests: That high school will finish well and that university will be in person, not virtual.

Cole Willmann

Started at Cedars: Preschool

Highlights: Basketball trips, Volleyball trips, YWAM, Mount Robson trip, Social Justice 12, Grade 3 Worship Wednesday

Remembered for: Being a leader in the classroom and in my friend groups, being the egg dealer at school, cool calm and collected on and off the court

Future plans: Going to University of Saskatchewan in the fall to take Animal Science with Agribusiness as my major and poultry as my minor. I see myself as a large egg producer owning a grading facility in Northern BC, while expanding my family’s cow/calf ranch. I plan to use and develop technology to further these agricultural ventures.

Prayer requests: That being away for school will be an amazing experience; some sickness will not occur and that I will stay motivated in school

Ben Wolitski

Started at Cedars: Grade 3

Highlights: Basketball trips; YWAM trip; Sports teams; Morning Basketball Class

Remembered for: Being quiet, and having a strong opinion in basketball.

Future plans: Begin the 4 year Bachelor of Health Sciences program at UNBC starting in the fall

Prayer requests: That I will be able to figure what job I want for my future career

Anna Worthington

Started at Cedars: Grade 5

Highlights: Volleyball trips; Having double spares; Making fun of Noelle in spare; YWAM; Spending lunch hours with Noelle and Mrs. Hoekstra doing physics or math.

Remembered for: My baking; my bangs; probably my obsession over boots; Always being late

Future plans: I am planning to go to UNBC for a year of general studies, then enter the Diagnostic Medical Radiography program at CNC in the fall of 2022

Prayer requests: That I won’t let fear rule over the decisions I make in my future. That I will go after what I truly want, and not let the pressure of others determine my path.

May 19

Isaac Kamstra

Started at Cedars: Grade 11

Highlights: Grade 11 YWAM trip to Vancouver, Grade 12 Ski Trip, Senior Drama production

Remembered for: Slam poetry in Drama class, profoundly deep comments in CP12 class; his unique reading library

Future plans: Probably UNBC in the fall taking General Studies courses, but after that he is completely uncertain of what lies ahead!

Devon Schultz

Started at Cedars: I technically started in kindergarten but then I left and came back in grade 5

Highlights: My time playing volleyball for Cedars; Service days; Mt Robson trip in grade 7

Remembered for: Hopefully my friends remember me for how helpful I was and how bad my attempts at making jokes were

Future plans: My plans are to go UNBC and finish my Bachelors in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and hopefully get a job in this field

Prayer requests: I wouldn’t mind prayers for my own determination to get through post secondary in order to achieve my goals

Jarvis Taylor

Started at Cedars: Grade 10

Highlights: getting to know and hanging out with “the boys”

Remembered for: lots of doodling and note writing in class, being a procrastinating perfectionist; being a uniquely gifted writer

Future plans: Looking to take a gap year, to upgrade some of his high school courses; to make sound financial decisions and investments to help pay for post-secondary education down the road.