Over the next several weeks, we want to take some time to celebrate our Graduating Class of 2020. In light of some of the current gathering restrictions, we are considering a variety of alternatives to recognize this significant rite of passage for our graduates. This Shake feature is one of the ways we seek to bless them in this season. We encourage you to take some time to read their grad profiles and pray for them!

Karl Kibonge

Started at Cedars: Grade 8

Highlights: Volleyball and basketball trips, times on the Cedars bus, French class, and lunch time bball and hangout with classmates.

Remembered For: His perpetual smile and for receiving the largest number of “student nominated award” votes in Cedars’ history!

Future Plans: Attend UNBC to study business, with future plans to become a lawyer.

Prayer Request: For focus and motivation to follow the Lord’s plan for his life.


Ethan Hynes

Started at Cedars: Grade 1

Highlights: Making paper mache penguins and hatching chicks in Grade 1, Hubble Farm field trip in Grade 2, Mr. Beeksma in Grade 4; and the Grade 11 and 12 class trips.

Remembered For: Cheerful greetings in the foyer and untimely “skip the dishes” orders sheepishly retrieved from the main office.

Future Plans: Really pleased to be finished high school! Planning to attend CNC to study mechanics in the Fall.

Prayer Request: For guidance and direction in post-secondary life.

Ryley Woolgar

Started at Cedars: Kindergarten

Highlights: Class trips, volunteering at youth groups and churches; and working outdoors.

Remembered For: His hair flipping, chained wallet, and subtle “smirks” in the background.

Future Plans: To pursue a red seal trade in Automotive Mechanics, build custom vehicles, and open up his own business.

Prayer Request: For God to continue to provide what he needs for pursuing dreams and the Lord’s will for his life.

Dany Teken

Started at Cedars: Grade 8

Highlights: The grade 11 YWAM and grade 12 Grad trips, basketball and volleyball provincials, service day breakfasts, PE 12 and school dances.

Remembered For: His cheerful presence, playful banter, and daily “harassment” of the office staff.

Future Plans: Attend CNC in the Fall to study culinary arts, with a dream of opening his own bakery or restaurant one day.

Prayer Request: For a successful learning experience on the post-secondary side.

Isaac Lee

Started at Cedars: Grade 8

Highlights: Making new friends and playing basketball.

Remembered For: His determination to improve his skills in basketball, and his endless, nonsensical banter with Dany.

Future Plans: To get a part-time job, go to college to upgrade math skills, and pursue a post-secondary business degree.

Prayer Request: For guidance and direction in these uncertain times.

Josh Leboe

Started at Cedars: Preschool

Highlights: Playing volleyball, the Grad Trip, Service Days at the SPCA, volunteering at the New Life Center, and working with his senior year teachers.

Remembered For: His gentle manner, preference for hanging out with the girls, and being selected as the 2020 Class Valedictorian. Congrats, Josh!

Future Plans: Attending UNBC to study biochemistry, find work and live in PG.

Prayer Request: For vocational/occupational direction following post-secondary schooling.

Victoria Van Delft

Started at Cedars: Preschool

Highlights: The Grade 11 YWAM experience, the Grad Trip, and discovering a love of history in Socials 11.

Remembered For: Her cheerful presence and infectious laughter, sharing her gift of voice, retrieving tissues from the main office on a daily basis.

Future Plans: Move to Langley and attend Trinity Western University to study nursing.

Prayer Request: That post-secondary schools will reopen for in-class instruction and campus life.

Caleb Milton

Started at Cedars: Grade 5

Highlights: Playing volleyball, PE 12, and any class with Mr. Rempel or Mr. Crosina. 🙂

Remembered For: His sick limbo moves, 3-ft sub sandwiches, and knowing a lot about a lot.

Future Plans: Enjoying time with friends while working and saving money for school

Prayer Request: For peace of mind and direction for the future.

Katriel Hrankowski

Started at Cedars: Grade 10

Highlights: Honduras Missions Trip in 2019, acting in the senior drama productions, and all of her classes – she loves learning!

Remembered For: Being our 2020 UNBC scholar, her funny faces and dramatic stage performances!

Future Plans: Work this summer and attend UNBC to study Chemistry.

Prayer Request: Lots of ideas about what she could do, but praying for the Lord’s guidance.

Regan Faller

Started at Cedars: Grade 4

Highlights: Playing volleyball, making great friends, the Grad Trip, and all the teachers!

Remembered For: Her quick smile, cosy blankets in the grade 12 corner, and her cheery retrieval of late slips at the main office. 🙂

Future Plans: Attend UNBC in the Fall to study psychology, with hopes to become an educational or clinical psychologist. She is also interested in attending a YWAM DTS in Europe.

Prayer Request: Clarity on post-secondary direction and financial support.

Daniel Iyaoromi

Started at Cedars: Grade 10

Highlights: The grade 11 YWAM trip, playing basketball, Math classes, and time with coaches and teachers.

Remembered For: Playing basketball in the gym…all the time!

Future Plans: Attending UNBC to pursue a degree in science, with long-term goal of becoming a paediatrician or family physician.

Prayer Request: That the Lord continues to reveal His plans and purposes for him; guides and directs; and helps him to stay true to His calling.

Lucas Crosina

Started at Cedars: Kindergarten
Highlights: Playing on our volleyball, basketball, and golf teams; playing basketball at lunch; Laurier Manor field trips in Grade 4; and Worship Arts class.
Remembered For: Gentle heart, easy smile, and being the last one on the bus – always!
Future Plans: Attend post-secondary to study engineering.
Prayer Request: Direction with respect to post-secondary school choice and timing.

Micaela Rogers

Started at Cedars: Grade 4
Highlights: Volleyball trips and the Grade 11 YWAM Vancouver experience.
Remembered For: Her work as a classroom assistant in our elementary school, and her love for chicken nuggets.
Future Plans: Attend college to get her Early Childhood Educator (ECE) diploma, study business, and open her own Preschool program.
Prayer Request: The Lord’s guidance around her plans to open her own business.