Although we solidify contracts with our educational assistants, learning assistants, and after school care workers later in the year – they are critical to the fulfilment of our mission at Cedars Christian School. When people think about school staff, they typically picture teachers; however, over half of our staff are educational and operational support staff. The experience of our students and families – and teachers! – is strongly linked to the quality of our EAs, learning assistants, and office assistants. When our graduates reflect on their experiences at Cedars, they routinely mention the impact of our support staff.

In addition to the staff we highlighted in a previous Shake article, we are pleased to recognize the new and continuing work of these staff members in 2021/22:


Library Tech – Mrs. Katie Gamble
After School Care Workers – Mrs. Tanya Simmonds; Mrs. Diana McIlroy
Kindergarten EA/s – Miss Ashleigh Rempel; Miss Rachel Hennig (new!)
Grade 1/2 EA – Ms. Paolina Gialleonardo
Grade 2 EA – Mrs. Annette Staves
Grade 3 EA – Mrs. Joanne Peltier
Grade 5 EA – Mrs. Dani Wiebe
Grade 5/6 EA – Mrs. Tanya Simmonds; Mrs. Heather Wilson
Grade 6 EA – Mrs. Heather Godwin
Grade 7 EA – Mrs. Leah Paulson

*Note: Some additional hiring under consideration ahead of our Fall startup.

High School EA’s

Mr. Nolan Hanson
Mrs. Tammi Friesen
Mrs. Kathy Denicola
Mrs. Nicole Rogers
Mrs. Diana McIlroy
Kyla Bailie
Katie Gamble
Amanda Kibsey
Alison Townrow