6) In Addition

In addition to the Core Curriculum, the Elementary Program offers: French as a second language (Gr. 5-7) Music Library Computers Art

5) Physical Education

Each Primary class receives three periods of PE each week to develop their physical well-being and basic skills needed for team sports in the Intermediate Program. In the Intermediate years, students participate more extensively in sports activities such as...

4) Social Studies and Science

The “Explorations Series” is used to cover topics about Community, Neighbourhoods, Community Helpers, Exploring Canada and BC’s Past. The Christian Schools International Science Program is used from Grades 1–6.

3) Math

At the primary level, math manipulatives are used to teach the different concepts. The Math Quest Program is used from Grades 1–3 and The Journeys Math Program is used for Grades 4–6. Computers are also used to reinforce basic facts.

2) Language Arts

The Language Arts curriculum is taught within themes much of the time at the primary grades. The Language Arts Program is covers basal reading, spelling, phonics, and writing. Teachers use a variety of teaching approaches such as Whole Language and Phonics.

1) Bible and Chapel

Bible is taught as a specific area of study along with being integrated into the whole curriculum. The Bible is taught as the source of all true knowledge and wisdom.  Weekly chapel services are held where students worship together in word and song.