Students in Mr. Price’s Grade Four class were able to put into practice God’s purposes for them to love others in the community when they visited Laurier Manor this past Tuesday afternoon. The residents of Laurier manor and the students have developed a fond connection already this year, and this was certainly evident in the second visit the class has made. When observing and listening in on everybody around the tables, you can tell that students and seniors are developing more intimate conversations and relaxed relationships. The smiles all around reveal a very positive and appreciative tone. Everybody enjoys the crafts and activities. On Tuesday, students made personalized tree ornaments for their senior friends, which found their way onto a bare tree in their dining area that just happened to need ornaments this year.

Whenever the Grade Four class visits Laurier Manor, seniors applaud enthusiastically when students play the piano, sing, or in the case of Tuesday, perform songs for them from the upcoming Christmas musical. Laurier Manor reciprocates hospitality in providing refreshments and treating students to goody bags as they leave.

The community ties that have been developing between Grade Four students at Cedars and residents of Laurier Manor have remained strong for many years, and this year it looks like the blessings for everybody involved are only continuing to increase!

Click the images below to get larger versions and check out some highlights of our latest visit.