Last week, the grade 7 class had an opportunity to practice the theme “Built with a Purpose” using the Rubik’s cube! What started off with a few innocent puzzle solvers quickly turned into a fad in our classroom and soon everybody became involved in learning how to solve the cubes. What I appreciated the most about this new trend was that students banded together in groups and pairs to teach each other different techniques and formulas for how to solve it, and those students went on to teach others. There was a strong sense of community and confidence in the classroom.

It didn’t take long for the students to think of new ways of using their skills. With the help of Mrs. Erbacher’s box of Rubik’s cubes, a picture of Mr. Nelson, and some photoshopping, these students went on to create a highly technical piece of mosaic artwork!

Not only did these students have the opportunity to practice building something with a purpose, they also learned that part of God’s purpose for them is to grow and learn with one another, even with something as simple as a Rubik’s cube!