God made us with a purpose of being in relationship with Him and with others. He has shown His love to us by sending his son Jesus Christ, which is what we will be celebrating this Christmas season. Being in relationship with others means showing God’s love, compassion, and understanding to those we live in community with.

Next week for our elementary chapel we will have a guest speaker from the Salvation Army who will show the various ways in with the organization shows God’s love to those in need in our local community. Our hope is that students see how they are not too young to show God’s love and help others and that they can contribute to making a difference in Prince George. During chapel, we will open up the opportunity for those in attendance to give a donation for the Christmas kettle, clothing, and/or non-perishable food items. Our guest speaker will explain what happens to the donation (monetary, clothing, food) after is it given to the Salvation Army and how it impacts the lives of individuals in a meaningful way. By tracing the journey of each donated item, our hope is that students see how a small act of kindness can go a long way.