Greetings from Kindergarten! Over the past month, the Kindergarten students in Mrs. Ray/Mrs. Schmalz’s class have been talking about thankfulness. We have discussed such questions as, “What does it mean to be thankful?”, “What kinds of things should we be thankful for?”, and “Who should we be thankful to?”

We have learned that we need to practice thankfulness all the time, and that ultimately God is the one we need to be thankful to as He is our great provider.

To practice thankfulness, we have been recording our thanks on a pumpkin: our “thankful pumpkin.” Today we had the pleasure of giving it as a gift to the faithful volunteers working on Cedars’ new building project. We are so thankful for their hard work and willingness to give of their time. We also want to thank God for his provision and faithfulness here at Cedars.

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