Mrs. Glasgow’s Grade 1 class has been learning about our local community: natural and man-made features, simple maps, and careers in our city. They went on field trips to the public library and the gymnastics club, and at the same time they learned about what it means to be Community Builders in the Biblical sense as well.

To finish the unit, the students paired up to create a variety of businesses that sold products and services. They had to create a business name, products, pricing, and signage, and had to make a list of props and costumes they would need to act out their plan.

One afternoon, they set up all their businesses and role-played buying and selling with each other. There was a hair salon, a pet store and vet services, a school, a hotel, a movie theatre, a toy store, a car dealership, a construction company, a restaurant, and a grocery store. Students had a lot of fun, worked well together, and built their community (both literally and figuratively) by sharing the workload, their ideas, and lots of props from home with their classmates.

“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” — 1 John 4:11