Site work is underway!

We are so excited to see and hear the culmination of months of work behind the scenes surface in the work on our property near the river! If you haven’t been part of the daily drop off / pick up on our campus this week, you can check out the video updates below for a visual. We have much to be thankful in the way in which the Lord has allowed us to move forward with this expansion project!

Following the removal of fencing last weekend at our Fall Work Bee, heavy duty machinery have been at work removing top soil, excavating the building site, and building a new road access through the brewery parking lot next door. We are on schedule for the delivery of 12,000 meters of gravel next week – which will be compacted in 6 inch lifts on the new building site. Hear the details straight from Kenton Friesen, our Building Committee chair, in the videos embedded below. Let’s keep Growing Together!

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