We are excited to announce that the Building Committee is looking at a potential building site preparation start date of October 7th, and is looking for equipment and experienced machine operators. Come out to our monthly Town Hall Meeting this Thursday night at 7pm to hear more details regarding project timing and workflow!

We are tremendously grateful for the many pieces of equipment donated and volunteer hours given by our community already up to this point. Even as we embark on this first major step toward a foundation and structure, we are encouraged by the generosity of our community and partners! Please take some time to read through the following list of needs and consider what you or others are able to donate to this project:

Equipment Required:

  • Large (10-12 tonne) Industrial Compactor
  • Loader (950 or larger) for Gravel
  • Portable Light Plant (1 or 2)
  • Construction Fencing (approx. 500ft)
  • Portable Toilets
  • Portable Site Office

Experienced Operators: (looking for donation blocks of 60 hrs, minimum; Mon-Sat)

  • Bulldozer (D4 and D7) Operator
  • Rock Truck Driver
  • Compactor Operator (ride-on)
  • Loader (960+ size) Operator
  • Excavator (250-350 size) Operator
  • Tridem and Pup Gravel Truck Drivers

Lord willing, we will begin site surveys next week in preparation for this on-the-ground activity. Although we plan to keep interruptions to our traffic flow patterns at the beginning and end of the day to a minimum, we should expect to see traffic control points with flagging persons during this period of building site preparations.

Please contact Kenton Friesen (kenton.friesen@gmail.com) if you are able to help at this time.

Let’s continue to pray for the Lord’s favor in the moving forward of this Growing Together Building Expansion Project!