I wanted to send out this post quickly to let everyone know that we landed safely in Calgary and will be leaving here tomorrow by 9 am.  We should be home around 6pm.  As far as the blog posts go I will be posting some tonight.  I would have liked to have kept everyone up to date with our Honduras happenings, unfortunately the technology didn’t allow me to upload the posts in a timely fashion.  The two that I did upload took me 5 hours and even when we went to a local cafe to use their free wifi, their connection was down.   Obviously we didn’t go to Honduras to sit in front of a computer waiting for our blog posts to upload.  That being said, you will be able to get the info about the trip first hand from our students tomorrow!  But check back here as I will be posting the blogs that I wrote in Honduras by the weekend.  The trip was incredible.  We have lots of stories to tell.  Thanks for all your prayers and encouraging comments on the posts we were able to get up.  We are looking forward to telling your our stories in person.