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Amanda Weber (nee Toombs): Graduated 2005

Words and Actions Can Mean the Entire World to SomeoneSomeone

Going to Cedars was one of the best decisions my parents made for me and my sisters. Coming from a small, two-room schoolhouse with a small school population and little opportunities, we were all excited to see the different options we had for a well-rounded education.

The big thing that influenced my parents to send my sisters and myself to Cedars was a shorter drive and an opportunity to not break my family up sending my mother and us girls to Williams Lake to the local Adventist Academy. This would involve us girls and my mother moving down there leaving my father at home to run the business.

When my mother announced that my sisters got into a class at Cedars and I was on the waiting list for a large grade seven class, I was hopeful that there was space for me. Eventually, I learned that there was space for myself. This was a well-rounded education for myself and it was the cornerstone for my life of service helping young people learn about the world around them.

I have used my experiences at Cedars to influence my life as a teacher. Relying on the knowledge from my years there, I have provided quality learning and instruction to my students in subjects like Math, Social Studies, English and Yearbook. The passion from these educators imprinted a love for learning on me. However, not all learning at school is academic. It is the people who heavily influence children and youth to be the best that they can be. Quality time spent with people who actually care about making a lasting impact on the children and youth that they work with, shows a level of commitment towards kingdom building for eternity.

In my early career, I have worked at private institutions where I was able to share God freely. The first year, I ended up having my students participate in service-based learning, ultimately ending up serving the Navajo people in Farmington, New Mexico. It was a deeply enriching opportunity for both myself and my students to serve the world around them.

As a public-school teacher, I know that I cannot share God in the classroom. Knowing this, I’ve tried to emulate Christ to my students without getting myself in trouble. Going back to my time at Cedars, I remember specific teachers who reminded me that my words and actions can be a shining example to the people around me without sharing Jesus freely. People who get to know me will see Jesus through my actions and my words.

In one small community I lived in, I happened to live above a couple students of mine. In getting to know this family, I ultimately influenced the mom to send these students to a local summer Bible camp. In doing so, I planted a seed in that family’s mind about what a life with Christ can offer them.

I want my life to be an example to others. Cedars Christian School is a place to nurture students to expose God-given abilities to serve their fellow men. I, for one, recommend that if you wish for your children to serve others and receive a world-class education at the same time, send your children to Cedars.

Amanda Weber (neé Toombs)

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