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March 13, 2024: Applications are now closed for the 24/25 school year with the exception of Kindergarten and Grade 8.

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Community and Family are Important

If belonging to a community is important to your family, then Cedars Christian School is where you want your child to be. You will notice in a short period of time that your child will feel like he/she is at home… not just at school.

New students and parents feel like they are part of a bigger family here at Cedars.

On almost every visit people notice what one parent said, “When you walk through the halls there is a positive energy and enthusiasm in the air; people are smiling and laughing.”

People get a sense that our students actually like being here!

Cedars has a really strong reputation academically and athletically in Prince George. Academically our graduates can get into whatever University they choose and our work experience students are snapped up for good jobs.

In sport, many referees have told us that they look forward to officiating at Cedars’ games because they notice a difference. We are seen as competitive, but there is also a noticeable difference in how we play and act. Students learn to understand and respect that the rules and opponents are there in order for the game to happen and as such both deserve respect.

Overall, people see Cedars as contributing to the community positively whether it is in music, arts, athletics, or service.

Come by for a visit and see for yourself. Get in touch with us today (link below)!