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Accessibility at Cedars Christian School

At Cedars Christian School, we recognize the importance of accessibility not only for those with disabilities but also for the benefit of the entire school community, providing a learning and working environment that supports all students, staff, and the larger school community.

Accessible B.C. Act

The Accessible British Columbia Regulation, under the Accessible British Columbia Act, came into effect on September 1, 2022. The goal of the act is to improve opportunities for people with disabilities and involve them in identifying, removing, and preventing barriers to their full participation in the life of the province.

Legislation – Accessible BC Act
Regulation – Accessible BC Act
Accessibility Legislation Plain Language Summary

Important Definitions from the Accessible B.C. Act:

Disability: An inability to participate fully and equally in society as a result of the interaction of an impairment and a barrier.

Barrier: Anything that hinders the full and equal participation in society of a person with an impairment.​

Impairment: A physical, sensory, mental, intellectual, or cognitive impairment, which is permanent, temporary, or episodic.

Implementation of the Accessible BC Regulation

Accessibility Committee: The Society of Christian Schools in BC (SCSBC), of which Cedars is a member school, established an accessibility committee in May 2023. The committee, in consultation with SCSBC schools, developed an Accessibility Plan.

Accessibility Plan: The Cedars Christian School Accessibility Plan outlines our commitment to accessibility and the actions in our Three-Year Accessibility Plan for 2023-26. Feedback about the Accessibility Plan may be made by contacting our school-based Accessibility Team at

Mechanism for Reporting Accessibility Accomplishments and Barriers: We have developed an online survey to provide a mechanism to provide input about accessibility accomplishments and barriers at our school (see below). The surveys are reviewed quarterly by our school-based Accessibility Team and the SCSBC Accessibility Committee, and are taken into consideration for future versions of the plan.

Accessibility Accomplishments and Barriers Form

Report an Accessibility Accomplishment or Barrier

At Cedars, we value the input of our school community in identifying both the successes and barriers that impact the participation of individuals in the life of our school. Your feedback will greatly assist us in the development of our Accessibility plan. Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey. Submissions are reviewed by our school-based Accessibility Team. You may contact them directly at

Which group(s) do you most identify with?

Check all that apply. If you choose ‘Other,’ please specify

What gets in the way at school?

Check all that apply. If you choose ‘Other,’ please specify below.

Please explain why the factors mentioned above pose obstacles.

What measures do you believe would improve the situation?

What are some supports that you find helpful at school?

Is there anything else you’d like the adults at school to be aware of?

If you wish to provide information through video, voice recording, or a document file, please attach the file here.

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LIMIT OF ONE FILE PER SUBMISSION. Allowed formats: .png, .gif, .jpg, .docx, .xls, .pdf, .wav, .mp3, .mp4, .mpg, .mov, .wmv

If you would like to be contacted, please provide your name, email, and phone.

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