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Absentee Form

Will your child be missing school today?

You can let us know using this form.

This form should only be completed by a parent/guardian. A copy of this form will be sent to the email address you provide and Cedars office staff may follow up on any submissions.

Absentee Form
Who is submitting this form today? (A copy of your submission will be sent to the email entered below)
Absences, Appointments, and Accountability

If your child is ill or is going to be away from school, please let us know when and why for our attendance records. You may use the form on this page, call or leave a message at 250-564-0707, or you can email us at If you are already emailing teacher(s) about the absence, please CC the office as well.

High school students need to sign out at the office if they are leaving school grounds for any reason during the day. When they return, or if they are arriving late, they must sign in. There is a book in the office for this purpose.

These practices are very important for both safety and record-keeping reasons. Thank you for your assistance in keeping your children accounted for!