Navigating a flu/cold season in the midst of a pandemic presents unique challenges. We appreciate our community’s commitment to “staying home when sick”. This does, however, result in more and longer absences than we have typically experienced. Compounded with COVID-related self-isolation requirements, communication between home and school has never been more important.

Most importantly, please ensure that you are making contact with the office when your child will be staying home. This reduces the number of calls our main office needs to make each day. We are committed to keeping health information confidential; however, if you are willing to share how long your child will be absent and/or a potential return date with the office, it is helpful for teachers. If a student is “day-to-day”, teachers prepare materials with this in mind. If a student will be away for 3 or more days, a teacher’s approach will be different.

Regardless, be assured that we are committed to continuity of learning for your child(ren). Some in-class learning experiences can be packaged for home learning; some cannot. Often teachers will provide an alternate, “replacement” learning package. Primary classes are using Class Dojo for virtual interaction and updates; intermediate and high school teachers are maintaining Google Classroom spaces. Please reach out to your child(ren)’s classroom teacher(s) if you are unsure how to access these virtual spaces and/or if you need more guidance with respect to remote/at-home learning.

And, as always, let us demonstrate grace toward one another in this context. Some teachers are navigating multiple absences and learning plans – in addition to their in-class instructional responsibilities. Keep our staff in your prayers!