by Cadence H. and Olivia B., Grade 4

This year’s Christmas play, Away in a Mango, meant a lot to us. It took so much time and energy. However, this play built our relationship with God by helping us to understand the true meaning of Christmas. We also have to tell you all about how incredibly awesome everyone did! What could be better than teaching others people about God? (Nothing!) There were almost three months of practice until it was time for the play. The choir, ensemble, and cast taught more than 250 people about God. Some were even hearing about it for the FIRST TIME! Now, that means a lot! In fact, it is life-changing! All in all, it was an experience we will never forget!


Captain: Gloria I. Gr.6
Billy (First Mate): Julia Gr. 6
Jessica (Cruise director):Kacy S. Gr.6
Emma (Cruise Entertainer): Olivia B. Gr.4
Sophie (Cruise Entertainer): Cadence H.t Gr.4
Tammy (Cruise Entertainer): Maeli K. Gr.4
Logan (Building Contractor):Spencer M.e Gr. 4
Mariah (Firefighter):Mariah S. Gr. 6
Olivia (Firefighter): Hadanse S. Gr.6
Chloe (Firefighter): Abi P. Gr.4
Jasmine (Mime): Paige K. Gr.5
Johnny (Castaway): Schle V. Gr.6
Pilot: Matthias H. Gr.4
Crewman: Musa V. Gr.4