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March 13, 2024: Applications are now closed for the 24/25 school year with the exception of Kindergarten and Grade 8.

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2024/25 Enrolment, Spaces, and New Admissions: Update

Did you know, this year we are serving over 230 families and over 420 K-12 students? We have experienced significant growth over the past five years, and are operating at capacity in nearly all of our grades. Amazing! And interest in Cedars Christian School continues to grow! We are receiving inquiries almost daily, and have been giving tours to new families throughout the Fall. As of today, we have expressed interest for the placement of over 100 new K-12 students for the 2024/25.

Word of mouth continues to be our greatest recruitment tool. In the past, we have run a referral program to honor those in our community that invite others to apply; however, with carry-over waitlists from last year and new inquiries this year, we have decided not to run the referral program for the 2024/25 school year. We do, of course, encourage you to keep telling the story of Cedars in our community!

If you are speaking to others who may be interested in enrolling their children at Cedars, here are a few things to pass along:

  • Visit our school Admissions page and get your registration package in today! Following re-enrolment with our current families in January, we will be reaching out to families who have submitted registration packages for new family interviews. It is very likely we will make most – if not all – of our formal offers of enrolment prior to Spring Break. After Spring Break, new inquiries will be on a waitlist.
  • We are making room for more students! Lord willing, we will have three new teaching spaces in our new gymnasium facility that are available for use in September 2024. We are currently reviewing student numbers and new applications to determine where to add new classes for next year. Receiving applications before Christmas is very helpful for our discerning process.
  • Our waitlist list is more like a pool of applicants. In February, we will book interviews with new families who have children we may reasonably have capacity to enrol. Factors include physical space and numbers of students in a class, student learner profile (learning / behavioural support needs), spaces available for siblings, and family church attendance (pastoral reference). The date stamp on the submission of registration packages is considered, but not necessarily the most important consideration.

We are grateful for the strong reputation Cedars has in our community, and thank the Lord for the blessing of educating and equipping discerning disciples of Jesus Christ for restorative work in His kingdom!