We are planning on a full, Stage 2 return to in-class instruction for all of our PreK-12 students in September. In Stage 2, the focus is on maximizing in-class instruction for K-12 students through the initiation of learning groups (cohorts). In a news release shortly before publishing this e-newsletter, Minister Rob Fleming affirmed this key focus of our Stage 2 return, and encouraged schools to continue working with families who have medical and health concerns related to a return to in-class instruction. As in all times, parents/caregivers are being asked to decide between three schooling options: in-class instruction (Cedars), distributed learning (DL), or homeschooling. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to keep Cedars apprised of their decision regarding schooling options. Please contact our Principal, Shane Nelson, directly by email if you need specific information to inform your decision making process.

In our Cedars’ 2020/21 Restart Plan linked below, we have outlined important information regarding elementary and high school cohorts and schedules. There are a number of key changes, including:

  • Playground closures before/after school
  • Staggered Entry (8:10-8:25am) and Dismissal (2:55-3:15pm) Protocols
  • Contingency plans for movement between Stages

Drop-off and pick-up windows will need to be strictly adhered to by parents/caregivers to respect increased supervisory duties of our school staff at the start and end of the day. Note the Parent Volunteer notice in the “For Action” section of this newsletter for our appeal for help in this part of our Restart Plan.

2020/2021 Restart Plan