We are pleased to announce that we have secured most of our staffing for the 2020-21 school year. This is not something that we take for granted, and we continue to give thanks to the Lord in this regard. Here is a list of some of the significant staffing changes for next year:

  • Mrs. Jessica Rand, our Intermediate French teacher, has stepped graciously into her 2020-21 Elementary Vice Principal role a couple of months early. We are blessed to have her join our leadership team, and thank her for stepping up to serve in a challenging season for our school. Mrs. Rand will continue teaching Intermediate French next year in addition to her administrative role.
  • Mr. Terence Wall, from Westside Academy across town, will be taking on the role of High School Vice Principal next year. He will also teach Bible and Art classes, as part of his full-time portfolio.
  • Mrs. Marli Holmes will be moving to the high school to teach a portfolio of Humanities and Art courses. We are increasing high school staffing to support two grade 8 and two grade 9 classes next year. Exciting!
  • As you may have noticed, Mr. Wall and Mrs. Holmes will be taking leadership of our high school Art program next year. Mrs. Alice Smit, our long-term Art teacher, has decided to retire this year. Thank you, Alice, for your faithful service over these past 22 years! May the Lord bless you and light your path in this new season of life and service.
  • We are also saying goodbye to Mrs. Joan Van Driesum this year. She has served in the office and as an EA for 25 years! We will be taking time to celebrate Joan and Alice’s service to our community in our wrap-up lunch with staff at the end of June. If you wish to forward any memories or blessings, please forward them to Shane Nelson by email (shanen@cedars.bc.ca).
  • Mrs. Annette Staves will be moving to our main campus to serve as EA and part-time teacher in Kindergarten next year. Mrs. Phillips will be increasing her time in the Preschool to support Mrs. Sturwold in Annette’s absence.
  • We are pleased to rehire Mrs. Amanda Kibsey, and Mrs. Nicole Rogers (HS EAs) and hire alumni Miss Ashleigh Rempel (Elem EA) to work with our diverse learners. Mr. Nolan Hanson will be moving from grade 7 into the high school to continue his work as an EA.

After considering re-enrolment and new student registrations, we have decided to proceed with the following class combinations and teacher assignments for next year:

Kindergarten (A) – Mrs. Lindsay Ray and Mrs. Annette Staves (Sept-Dec);  Mrs. Ray and Mrs. Schmalz (Jan-June)
Kindergarten (B) – Mr. Josh Gagnon
Grade 1 (A) – Mrs. Andrea Glasgow
Grade 1 (B) – TBA
Grade 2 – Mrs. Sharon Van Delft
Grade 3 – Mrs. Heather Fisher
Grade 4 – Mr. Winston Price
Grade 5 – Mrs. Sherry Toninato
Grade 5/6 – Mr. Jeff Ludditt
Grade 6/7 – Mr. Matthew Ceaser
Grade 7 – Mrs. Sue Reimer

We have started our work on class lists. As we have done in the past, we wish to share with you some thoughts about how place students into classes. Sometimes, we defer to others who have “said it better”. The following response by John Stiel, former Principal of Calgary Christian School, has been one we have shared with our community in the past. It outlines the process we engage in quite well. To the question, “How do you assign students to a new class?”, John responds,

Some parents and students have the mistaken idea that class lists are made up by using serendipity and “eenie, meenie, minie, moe.” However, at our school, the principal and teachers assign students to classes using the knowledge they have of the students, their needs, and the needs of the classrooms in general.

One of the first considerations is that classes of the same grade be of similar size. Then we split the boys and girls somewhat equally among the classes. We try to evenly distribute the academically strong, average, and weak students among the class. Some students have special needs. This complicates a student’s placement because resource help might not always be available at the right time.

Friendships formed by students during the school year are also important. The principal and teachers try to place every student with at least one friend because they realize that the student will then have a larger comfort zone. This simple idea is complicated by the fact that while some friends make good study buddies, others can be very distracting.

Parents and teachers see the class make up as an important factor that will, to some extent, make or break a school year for a student. For that reason, the formulation of class lists is taken seriously and is done prayerfully by the school staff. Though some students and parents might not like the class assignments, there has to be an understanding that God can work and bless even in difficult circumstances.

– Reprinted with permission from Christian Home and School magazine May/June/1995

Please pray for our staff and leadership team as we discern the best placement for your children. Class lists will be shared on June 24th by email. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Elementary Vice Principal, Jessica Rand (jessicar@cedars.bc.ca) or Principal, Shane Nelson (shanen@cedars.bc.ca).

We are busy planning for a variety of Stage 1 to 3 return to school scenarios for September. Stages 1 and 2 see a full return to in-class instruction for K-7 students, but Stages 2 and 3 require part-time return planning for high school students. We will include schedules for grade 10-12 students in their report card packages at the end of this month, but will hold off on grade 8 and 9 elective schedules until August, when we will know more about the stage of return. Thank you for your patience.