At the end of June, we announced our decision to implement a 1:1 Chromebook Rental Plan for Grades 4-7, and a 1:1 “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) or “Rent to Own” Laptop Plan for Grades 8-12. Our 1:1 Technology Plan will ensure that we are prepared for any movement between Stages. Details of this plan can be found here.

Due to manufacturing interruptions, our Lenovo Chromebook order is behind schedule; however, it continues to be our plan to assign Chromebooks to all of our Intermediate students with an annual rental fee of $50. Please arrange payment online or in-person before Friday, September 25th.

All high school students will be required to have a laptop. Several families purchased used school machines from the school at the end of June for their high school children. Some students have devices of their own that can be used for school. And, some families completed the online order form (linked below) in June for certified refurbished laptops in a “rent-to-own” scenario.

Orders for the refurbished HP laptops will be filled in the order in which they are received. We have 25 machines in stock ready to go, and will be putting in another order on September 14th. Please complete the order form if you are interested in the rent-to-own offer. Families may choose to purchase the machine outright ($600), or to spread payments over 2 years ($300, $300) or 3 years ($300, $150, $150). Proof of minimum payment of $300 (lump sum or pre-authorized payments of $30/month) will be required for issue of device.

Online Order Form