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10 Surprising Reasons to Get Your Drama Tickets Now

Here are ten fun reasons to get on over to our Drama Page to get your tickets today!

  1. You’ll feel smart! If you didn’t “get” Shakespeare in high school, you’re gonna love this one and be amazed at how much smarter you’ve become!
  2. You can “name-drop” at the water cooler about how that Shakespeare play you saw last weekend was so very good… Others will know you’re smart!
  3. Remember awkward high school romances? Well these students don’t feel it but we think you’ll believe otherwise when you watch them in the play…
  4. It’s funny!! Proverbs says laughter is good for the soul.
  5. Cedars drama “team” needs support, just as you’d come cheer on a sports team in provincials. No timeouts… no haggling over points. Just pure story and escape.
  6. Bless a literary friend with a ticket and an outing.
  7. It’s fast-paced. It’s all Shakespeare’s words, but we’ve edited out some of the “dusty bits” and the story moves along!
  8. Make it a party with appies and Shakespearean insults on the menu before the show. Costumes optional.
  9. Set your elementary students up for success in High School English class because they’ll already love Shakespeare before they get there!
  10. It’s a great chance to impress others with your smart decision to have your kids at Cedars when the school puts on such great dramas! (Seriously, it’s a great way to showcase Cedars to family and friends.)
Reach Your Audience and Make a Difference

Lastly, a reminder… Our drama program is a great opportunity to reach a “captive audience” of Cedars
families and friends. Consider making a donation and taking advantage of this sponsorship opportunity.
Space is limited. Support for our scholarship fund and technical costs would be much appreciated!